The Arts

Karratha Senior High School has a thriving Arts department which offers students the opportunity to study Drama, Media, Music and Visual Art.

Drama focuses on drama in practice and increasing the students’ knowledge and skills. This course build skills and knowledge in the Elements of Drama. Emphasis is placed on positive feedback, students building performance confidence and enhancing communicational skills.

Media provides students with a better understanding of a variety of Media and gives them an insight into the significant influence they exert on our daily lives and give them an insight into the significant influence they exert on our daily lives. Students will explore emerging trends within media, such an the internet, gaming, and social media, as well as more traditional media forms, including a selection of radio, TV, stop motion animation, camera work and editing and film.

Music offers students the opportunity to develop their musical interests through a contemporary approach integrated with music technology. Students learn how to analyse, create and perform music in modern contexts and gain the skills required to gain employment in the creative arts industry. Students have the opportunity to learn to play guitar and percussion, and produce their own CDs.

Karratha Senior High School also offers instrumental lessons through the School of Instrumental Music on Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone and Percussion and hosts the Karratha Combined Schools Band. 

Visual Arts introduces students to fundamental drawing and designing skills. Students are given the opportunity to produce individual projects exploring the elements and principles of art through mediums such as printmaking, painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture and 3D construction. 

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